Hormone replacement therapy Jeannette

Vitality Hormone Clinic provides comprehensive hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help patients in the Jeannette area alleviate debilitating symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. We specialize in bioidentical hormone therapy tailored to meet each patient's unique needs.

Why HRT Matters

Hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone regulate many vital bodily functions. When levels decline, whether due to aging or other medical issues, patients often endure symptoms like:

Timely hormone testing and treatment can prevent much unnecessary suffering. Our experienced hrt therapists carefully evaluate blood tests and lifestyle factors to determine optimal hrt therapy protocols for each patient.

Our services

Customized Treatment Plans

We provide customized plans consisting of high quality bioidentical hormones to restore balance, vitality and quality of life. Treatment plans may include:

Hormone Replacement Pellets

Pellets placed under the skin release consistent hormone levels over 3-6 months. A simple and convenient option.

HRT Creams & Gels

Topical treatments help build necessary estrogens, testosterone, etc. Absorbs directly through the skin daily.

Other Hormone Modalities

We offer hormone patches, tablets, capsules and injections where clinically appropriate. Our hrt endocrinologist helps patients understand all options.

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Lifestyle Recommendations

HRT therapy works best alongside key lifestyle adjustments like:

With an integrative approach focused on the entire individual, most patients enjoy significant improvements within weeks. We remain committed to helping patients restore vibrancy and overcome debilitating hormone deficiency symptoms.

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